It's All About Our Service Members & Veterans

“They Protected Us…Now Let Us Protect Them.”

The Combat Feathers Slogan: “They protected us… now let us protect them,” will be accomplished by providing emergency financial relief to all combat service members and veterans. In addition, gas and grocery gift cards will be donated to local Veteran Health Administrations for emergency use for all service members, their spouses when deployed and veterans. These gift cards will also be available for all service members, their spouses when deployed and veterans directly through Combat Feathers.

Seven Reasons to

Combat Feathers was formed...

Three years ago when Linda Perry, with many years of experience working with service members and veterans, realized there was a severe need for emergency financial need for service members and veterans. Although there are many financial assistance organizations available, Linda found that donators wanted to keep their money local. In addition, some of these financial assistance organizations are too complex for service-members and veterans to work with and are often limited to specific theaters of war.  Combat Feathers wants to offer a less stressful financial application process, as the service member or veteran is already feeling humble, embarrassed and stressed.  
There is a natural law, inherent in all men and women, that we are all good people and that we help each other as human beings.    

How did Combat Feathers get its’ name?

Feathers are symbolic of protection and warmth and are often used to illustrate this reality in the Bible, songs and stories.   The eagle is a national symbol of the United States because it is magnificent and has enormous strength, much like that of our service members and veterans. 

It’s all about our service members and veterans!