It's All About Our Service Members & Veterans

“They Protected Us…Now Let Us Protect Them.”

There is a natural law, inherent in all men and women, that we are all good people and that we help each other as human beings.    

The Combat Feathers Board of Directors ensures that the bylaws are imposed, enables Combat Feathers to fulfill its’ mission and helps to ensure growth and internal change to meet the needs of service members, a spouse of a service member, and veterans in financial need.

Kim Anderson, Co-Director, Board of Directors

Kim is the niece, granddaughter, and great granddaughter of a long list of combat veterans and the daughter of an Air Force Veteran.  Kim is also the graphic designer for Combat Feathers and helped blueprint the company logo.

Steve Bohn, Board of Directors

Steve is an Army Medically Retired SPC, a Purple Heart recipient and served in Operation Enduring Freedom.  Steve is the Manager of Pledge to Hire Veterans initiative organized by US Pavement in Woburn, MA.

Amy Hall, Board of Directors 

Amy is the wife of Army Medically Retired SPC Craig Hall and helped him through his year-long rehabilitation after his injury.  Amy is currently attending college to become a nurse.

Craig Hall, Secretary, Board of Directors 

Craig is an Army Medically Retired SPC, a Purple Heart recipient and served in Operation Iragi Freedom.  Craig is currently attending college to become a Prosthetic Specialist.

Lou and Kathy Johnson, Co-Director, Board of Directors

Lou and Kathy are the Gold Star Parents of LCcpl Philip Johnson.  Both Lou and Kathy are strong advocates for service members and veterans.  They each serve on several committees and boards that are organized to help service members and veterans.

Gina Perry, Board of Directors

Gina is married to Army Medically retired SPC Daniel Perry who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Gina is Dan’s full time caregiver and an advocate for caregivers and families of service members and veterans.  

Timothy Perry, Treasurer, Board of Directors 

Tim is the Silver Star parent of Army Medically Retired Daniel Perry.  Timothy became an advocate for wounded service members and veterans the day his son was injured in Iraq.

Tricia Siracusa, Board of Directors. 
Tricia is the daughter of a Coast Guard Veteran. Tricia is a newcoming to the culture of the military and adds fresh insights and observations to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors