It's All About Our Service Members & Veterans

“They Protected Us…Now Let Us Protect Them.”

Types of Financial Assistance Available

Emergency financial assistance to combat service members and veterans.

Emergency financial assistance is considered to be, but is not limited to, at the discretion of the Executive Director, rent or mortgage, utilities, car insurance and repairs, clothing, food, gas, etc.  To be eligible for emergency financial assistance from Combat Feathers, a service member or veteran needs to provide a DD214 and a referral source from either the VA or DOD.  If the service member or veteran does not have a DD214, an LOD, or a letter from a physician, counselor, and/or psychiatrist at the VA, or military authority figure, will suffice.   If a service member or veteran meets this requirement, he or she needs to fill out an emergency financial assistance application and submit all the requested documents requested.  Emergency financial assistance is granted based on availability of donated funds.

There is a natural law, inherent in all men and women, that we are all good people and that we help each other as human beings.